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Highlights and To Do's in Bali

Beaches, rice terraces, temples, sunsets, Bali's natural and cultural treasures

We are happy to support you in establishing contact with the best guides and drivers in the area, with whom you can plan your trip together.

 The driver takes you wherever you want and of course waits for you there again. So you can plan each day spontaneously and individually. Should you like a spot better, you are not bound to fixed times.

It is important to agree everything in advance. Bali is very large and spread out, so it is generally necessary to set a direction e.g. to Ubud, Uluwatu or to the north of Bali ( e.g Lovina ).

The number of hours is decisive. After that, nothing stands in the way of your dream day trip!

In general, we are always happy to inspire you with insider tips.